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Delta Obstruction Lighting in Europe Outlook Magazine

Europe Outlook Magazine is a digital and print product aimed at boardrooms. We’re proud to have recently advertised in this brilliant publication and wanted to share the issue. It’s full of great information.  To read the full issue here

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A Brief History into Aircraft Warning Light Advancements

At Delta Obstruction Lighting, we are known for our LED prowess. We manufacture and install innovative LED lighting warning systems around the world and we monitor over 30 telecommunication sites globally.

We explore the history behind the advancement of warning lights and how high powered LED aircraft warning lights is now the preferred solution.

Incandescent Light

Firstly, we had incandescent lights. These lights were cheap to purchase and easy to replace as they used a generic Edison screw, however, the problem with incandescent lights was the life span. They only had 5000 hours of life and required more maintenance therefore making it [...]

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