We are the obstruction and aircraft warning lighting specialists

Innovators in LED Technology

Delta Obstruction Lighting is the first organisation to use LED based Aircraft Warning Lights. As a result, we have built up a reputation for being innovators in LED technology and we have continued to be at the cutting edge of the design of Aircraft Warning Lights and Obstruction Lighting.

We are also installation contractors and distributors for other globally recognised brands of aircraft lighting including Honeywell and Orga. All work is fully compliant to ICAO standards and we provide reliable and experienced remote monitoring.



Customised Solutions for Our Clients

Delta Obstruction Lighting has a unique aptitude for special scenarios and the ability to customise any solution to meet individual customer requirements. Having dealt with most communication centres, we have managed to further develop the use of long lasting LED lights which can operate individually to avoid complete light failure.

Delta Obstruction Lighting has collaborated with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) to bring unique lights to the marketplace, as well as providing long term installation and maintenance cover for leading communication provider British Telecom.

Only the Best Products

Training and safety are at the centre of our excellent service record. We provide high quality products which are cost effective, efficient, certified and offer much more than a written contract. Our sales and customer representatives are trained to focus on providing a personally proficient and specialised service before, during and after every job. Delta’s management believes in building strong relationships with clients, satisfying future needs and providing ultimate solutions. Our products not only meet, but exceed Civil and Federal Aviation Authority requirements (Aviation Lighting Authority).

This demonstrates our ability of working with individual contracts and also shows that we are more than capable of supporting and operating long-term multi-site projects.