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Boosting The Helipad Fund!

Boosting The Helipad Fund!
The government is to hand over more than £1m to Central Manchester NHS Trust from its Libor fund – made up of penalties paid by banks that break financial rules – to fund the hospital’s new helipad.

Recent headlines like this clearly show how useful helipad’s are for hospitals. And what comes with this??…..Yes, helipad lights!

LED helipad lights will cut through low visibility and always guide the aircraft to the heliport. With excellent illumination on the heliport you can be sure pilots will be able to locate the landing zone both comfortably and safely.

The hospital premises [...]

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The Right Light!

The Right Light!
Recent headlines from Merseyside have shown how lights had been spotted in the sky across Liverpool with many people very unsure where exactly these lights where coming from…

Residents from Bootle, Anfield and Kirkby all reported seeing the phenomenon with lots of people speculating that the flashing moving lights were extra-terrestrials!

Subsequently people from these areas navigated to social media platforms to share what they had seen and spread the word. A lot of people were confused, and in many ways unsettled, by what they had witnessed with the possibility of aliens even mentioned. Yes, aliens would you [...]

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