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CML-11 | Aircraft Warning Lights

Low Intensity Aircraft Warning Light

Conductor marking lights are a particular type of aircraft warning lights designed use on overhead power lines. They are visible at night, unlike overhead wire markers which rely on daylight.

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Conductor marking lights increase night conspicuity of transmission line catenary wires near airports, heliports and across rivers. The lamps mark and illuminate overhead power lines, support structures (towers) as well as high voltage transmission line catenary wires. It is one assembly light with multi-LEDS technology. Dedicated to the beaconing of high voltage lines, it is a long life system (100,000 hours). Its compact design and light weight allow the quickest and easiest installation on the market.

  • Multi-LEDs
  • Compact design
  • Corona Extinction
  • Internal Photo-sensor
  • Easy mounting
  • Easy replacement of lamp
  • Light weight
  • Minimal maintenance
  • 3 years warranty
  • Product filled with high voltage resin to avoid vibration effects
  • A single reference point for all line voltage
  • long life system (100,000 hours)


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