Qatar World Cup

Finally, the world cup has arrived, with some big games being held in the
famous Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium also known as “Al-Rayyan Stadium”, located
just west of the capital city of Qatar, Doha.

Due to the height and location of the stadium, the Civil Aviation Authority
require this stadium be marked with aircraft warning lights.

Delta Obstruction Lighting Ltd who are specialists in this field, supplied local contractors with technical designs and assistance in preparing a suitable system to mark this stadium. 12no. WL-20K medium intensity aircraft warning lights were supplied and installed around the outer roof of the structure.

The WL-20K aircraft warning lights are our medium intensity AWLs for day and night-time marking of high-rise structures.

This light configuration of flashing 20,000 candelas in the day and 2,000 candelas in the night are to make sure they are clearly visible 24hrs.

The lights are distributed evenly around the top of the structure, so the highest point of the structure is visible to aircraft from all directions in a 360° horizontal

The lights are in place to protect the building as there are hundreds of
thousands of people flying in and out of Qatar every day, 24hrs. Due to the
high amount of tourists, there must be a procedure in place to ensure even
the sky is a safe place and any aircraft in the area can clearly see the structure and keep clear to prevent accidents from occurring. In this case the WL-20K aircraft warning lights are the most suited aircraft warning lights to put in place of protecting the structure. These units are fitted by competent climbing operatives/engineers to ensure the best and safest results.