WL-20K aircraft warning light

WL AB-2001| Aircraft Warning Lights

Medium Intensity Aircraft Warning Lights

The most important feature of the WL AB-2001 aircraft warning light is that it works as a dual light. It has a dual array / layers of light emitting diodes (LEDs).

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The WL AB-2001 medium intensity obstruction light is for marking towers (telecom, GSM), smokestacks, buildings and any other potentially hazardous obstructions to air traffic with a flashing white and flashing red safety light.

The most important feature of the WL AB-2001 is that it works as a dual light. It has a dual array / layers of light emitting diodes (LEDs). During the day time 1 of 2 LED arrays / layers work, using a high powered white LED driver, giving 20,000cd flashing white light intensity. At night the other 2 of 2 LED array / layers work, giving a flashing red light intensity of 2,000cd.

  • Ÿ Modular design meeting optics standard, compact size and high efficiency
  • Ÿ Based on LED technology
  • Ÿ Extremely reliable — major maintenance cost saving
  • Ÿ Resistant to shock and vibrations
  • Ÿ Corrosion resistant lamp & housing
  • Ÿ Self-contained wiring compartment – eliminates additional boxes
  • Ÿ Base material – Die casting aluminium LM6
  • Ÿ Reflector – ABS
  • Ÿ Combustibility rating:UL94V0
  • Ÿ IP protection:IP65
  • Ÿ Ambient temperature: -30℃ – +60℃, can withstand the most severe environments
  • Ÿ Capable of being flashed or steady burning (to be mentioned in purchase order)
  • Ÿ Typical LED lifetime: ≥100, 000 hrs
  • Ÿ All LEDS are connected in parallel, which are powered by a low voltage, constant current. When and if one LED fails it will not affect other LEDS
  • ŸBird repellent spike molded on to the lens / dome.
  • ŸBuilt in photocell
  • ŸAdditional function: Flash synchronization by GPS function with other Delta flashing lights

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